Meet our Directors

Balpreet Singh | Kavita Kapoor

The management of IATE Education & Immigration Pvt Ltd consists of a Director, Centre Manager, Overseas Educational Advisor and Administrative Staff. The team comprises of people who have vast professional experience in the field of advising students about the various study options available abroad, keeping in mind their profile and requirements. The people in our team are empathetic towards the students' needs, and they have the ability and the will to fulfill commitments made to the students.


Balpreet Singh | Director
Mr. Balpreet Singh is a leading businessman with an amazing acumen of identifying emerging business opportunities. It is the business philosophy of Mr. Balpreet Singh to provide world class services in all the sectors that he ventures. He had a vision to setup a world class immigration consultancy that caters to the needs of individuals seeking overseas career opportunities.

Mr. Balpreet did undertake groundwork analysis before he ventured in this field, with a small start up know as IATE, which is now one of the best immigration and visa consultancies in (Punjab) India.

IATE foundation was laid with a small idea that incepted in the minds of its promoters in the year 2010, which they believed had the potential to become a successful business in the future. Since its establishment, Mr. Balpreet has taken a keen interest on the business and has been a guiding force in the success of IATE. He has his vision and a deep desire to make IATE India's best immigration and visa consultancy. He has an excellent understanding and practical approach for providing solutions to various business problems.

Kavita Kapoor | Director
Soft-spoken and a firm leader, Mrs. Kavita Kapoor is one of the founding pillars of IATE. She is appreciated by all the management team because of her amazing business acumen and goal oriented approach. She continued to work for her passion and created a world class company, along with her husband Mr. Balpreet Singh. Her knowledge and application was matched by her keen penchant for excellence in Immigration and Visa industry.

She showed enthusiastic interest in taking the company to the next level, by working dedicatedly.

She was also actively involved in day to day operations of the business and helped in the consolidation and streamlining of various systems and processes. She is a guiding force behind the success of the company. Mrs. Kavita has an excellent understanding about the trends and various opportunities that exist in the competitive global market.

Simran Kaur
| Administrator

Bawandeep Kaur
| Immigration Head

| Visa Filing

The Overseas Educational Advisors & Administrative Staff of IATE is part of an important chain responsible for the admission process of students, consisting of efficient people sharing different responsibilities like processing/ responding to queries, preparing and dispatching application documents on time, regular follow-ups for timely delivery and overall co-ordination.