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The most important step to gaining admission to a revered foreign university is to plan carefully and to complete all the necessary steps on time. With colleges getting more expensive and competitive, students feel increased pressure to make the right college choice. For this very reason we serve as a student’s personal resource in identifying colleges that fit his or her individual preferences.

With a team of well experienced and qualified professionals, IATE Careers has the expertise and service oriented attitude to tailor package especially made for an individual aspiring for higher education abroad.

In the past, many of our students have secured admissions in top universities while many others have received full scholarships and assistantships from various revered universities around the globe only because they religiously followed our advices.

We are committed to provide the following services to our students :

Major Selection

For those students who are unable to decide upon a major, illume, a Career counseling service of IATE strives to help students to choose a career/major best suited for them through the scientifically evolved and evaluated Psychometric test.

Time Management

Many great applicants miss the boat by failing to meet deadlines or rushing to put together a file at the 11th hour–which is why time management is so crucial. We’ll show you how to set up a timetable to get things finished on time.

Standardized Testing Guidance

We will educate you about the various standardized tests you should take up the in order to successfully complete your applications. You will also be informed about the general score requirement and deadline of universities you intend to be a part of.

Resume Review

We can review your resume and suggest improvements to ensure that yours stands out from the rest.

Recommendation Letters

Recommendations are a critical part of your application since they are meant to provide a third-person perspective on you as an individual. We can advise you on the best person to ask for a recommendation and what to ask that person to highlight in the document based on your areas of interest and academic background.

Statement of Purpose

The Statement of Purpose (SOP) is a statement highlighting your background, academics, and career goals. Having a good SOP can often compensate for an ordinary academic record and a modest score, making it possible for even an average student to get admission to a good University and sometimes obtain financial assistance. We help you prepare a good SOP to ensure that your application is exceptional.

Short-listing Universities

Short-listing universities to actually apply to is one of the most crucial parts of your application process. With so many choices and suggestions, often frivolous, from various sources, many students end up short listing their universities which are not congruent with their profile. The outcome is either a rejection or an admission in a university which does not fulfill your aspirations thereby risking their career. At IATE, we adopt a utilitarian approach to help you select the universities that matches with your profile and budget at the same time help you realize your career goal.

Guidance for procuring scholarship

For many deserving candidates, getting admission is not enough, funding is also required. A major chunk of your educational expenses can be taken care of if you are awarded a tuition waiver or professors at your prospective universities offer you Research or Teaching assistantships (RA/TA) with them. We can guide you about the procedures to be followed in order to maximize your chances to procure RA/TA.

Preparation of Application Packets

Every university has different requirements. If you want your application to be processed rapidly you have to meet all of them. Otherwise you may lose a lot of time in correspondence with the university about missing documents and may lose out on your chances of admission. We help you with this crucial task.

Interview Preparation

Many of the top MBA schools use the telephonic interview as a final step before making their decision on your candidacy. We will work with you to develop your interview skills to give you the upper hand.

Visa Guidance

Many students fail to clear the visa process due to poor preparation. We help you to prepare all the visa documentation required by the visa Consulate. We also train you to answer all the questions that visa authorities might ask, in case you are called for a visa interview. Our mock interviews and checklists ensure that the student has won the battle even before it has started.